UCLA Extension

Attendance Requirements

resources_static_bruin-walk-9622Full-Time Enrollment

You must attend UCLA Extension full-time (and come to class every day) at all times, except during authorized vacation periods. Attendance is taken in all classes, every day, from the time you begin the program.

Pre-Master’s Preparation Attendance Policies

  • Minimum 90% attendance is required, from the first day of the program, to qualify for a Completion Certificate.
  • Being late to class two times for 10 minutes or more counts as a one-hour absence.
  • No excused absences: not for medical appointments, personal, business, religious or other reasons.
  • If you have a serious illness or injury, contact the Pre-Master’s Preparation coordinator, ALC staff at the Lindbrook Center, at the ALC administrative office (rm.614), or an ISO Advisor.
  • Excessive absences result in lower final grades and may require reporting students to the International Student Office, dropping them from the program, and/or cancelling their I-20 status.
  • Early departure is only permitted for school transfers or medical emergencies and can affect attendance and participation grades. If you need to depart before the program ends, and you have already attended 90% of classes, you must obtain ALC Academic Advisor approval and talk to your instructor about completing final exams and all other assignments before departure.

Required Grades

Pre-Master’s Program students must earn a final grade of B or better or Pass in each course taken. Failure to earn a grade of B or Pass in a first 6-week course affects whether you can continue for the Fall Quarter.