UCLA Extension

Extending Your Program


  • Application Fee: The Application Fee you paid is good for one year, so you don’t need to pay another application fee for the optional Winter Quarter of the Pre-Master’s Preparation.
  • Program Fee and Student Services Fee: Since Pre-Master’s Preparation students pay all their fees before the start of the first session, continuing Pre-Master’s Preparation students do not need to pay anything more for the Fall Quarter.
  • Grades: If your grades average B or higher in the first 6-week session and you meet attendance requirements, you can move to the Fall Quarter.

Pre-Master’s Preparation Completion

  • Certificates of Completion–if your attendance is 90% or higher and if you receive grades of B or higher in all of your courses, you will qualify for a UCLA Extension Pre-Master’s Preparation Certificate at the end of your second quarter.

Continuing after the First 16-weeks of Pre-Master’s Preparation

  • If you wish to continue studying at the American Language Center after Pre-Master’s Preparation’s first 16-week session ends, there are several options for the Winter Quarter. These will be discussed during the Pre-Master’s Preparation session.