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Frequently Asked Questions

Can I take Premasters’ Preparation if I have not completed a four-year university degree?

No, you need to complete a bachelor’s degree first, but you can take the Academic Intensive English Program (AIEP) instead. The AIEP advanced levels prepare you to enter a four-year university in the U.S. where you can pursue a bachelor’s degree.

I have completed a four-year university degree in my home country. Can I now apply to Premasters’ Preparation?

Yes, if you meet the Premasters’ Preparation admission requirements. The admission requirements were created to ensure that Premasters’ Preparation students have the best chance to succeed in U.S. graduate schools.

How will Premasters’ Preparation help me get an advanced professional degree?

First, Premasters’ Preparation helps you develop the high-caliber English reading, writing, listening, and speaking skills needed for your success in a professional degree program. Premasters’ Preparation also emphasizes critical thinking skills. Second, Premasters’ Preparation test-preparation courses will help you meet admission requirements and achieve the test scores needed to enter professional programs.

I am an international student already living in Los Angeles, and I want to apply to Premasters’ Preparation. What do I need to do?

Fill out the Premasters’ Preparation Application online and send us the same required documents as any other applicant. Be sure to tell us whether you have a residential visa or need an F-1 visa. The rest of the application process is the same except that you will be interviewed in person instead of by Skype.

I have been accepted to a graduate program in the U.S. that starts next fall, but I’m worried about my English. Can Premasters’ Preparation help me?

Yes, Premasters’ Preparation is designed for students who have been accepted to a graduate program as well as for those who will apply soon. If you have an acceptance letter from a graduate program or have already completed your applications, please include that information in your statement of purpose.

If you want to work on graduate level English skills, enrollment in Premasters’ Preparation may be a very good choice. In this program, you’ll be able to develop and improve your writing, communication, presentation and research skills. After completing Premasters’ Preparation, you will have the option to continue for a 3rd quarter in spring and after that you can enroll in Summer Sessions in UCLA if you would like to take credit courses.

Does taking the Premasters’ Preparation guarantee that I will be able to get into UCLA or another U.S. graduate or professional program?

No, we cannot guarantee entry into any particular U.S. graduate or professional program. However, completing Premasters’ Preparation will give you an advantage since it prepares you for the kind of coursework and expectations that you will encounter in your graduate studies program. Furthermore, Premasters’ Preparation instructors can help you select appropriate universities, prepare your applications, practice for interviews, and study for the entrance exams.

When should I apply to a U.S. graduate school? Before I come for Premasters’ Preparation?

You can apply to U.S. graduate programs before you come to Premasters’ Preparation, but it is not necessary. Premasters’ Preparation instructors can help you select appropriate universities, prepare your applications, practice for interviews, and study for the entrance exams.

If you already have a list of universities you are considering, check their deadlines carefully to see when their applications are due. You should allow yourself enough time to complete your Premasters’ Preparation session and apply to graduate school. U.S. students usually start planning their graduate school applications many months before the deadlines. Timing is crucial to the success of your applications. For more information, see Premasters’ Preparation Dates & Fees and especially the question and answer below.

When is the best time to apply to a U.S. graduate school?

The best time to apply to U.S. graduate programs is usually in the fall. Most U.S. universities accept applications in the fall with application deadlines between December and February. Exact deadlines vary based on the university, and admission is usually granted only for the following fall. That means that a student who applies in the fall of 2015 will start graduate school in August or September of 2015. In general, the more popular and highly ranked schools have more restrictive application periods.

Some exceptions to this rule exist. Some graduate programs, particularly technical and scientific graduate programs, have 2 application periods. Similarly, a number of MBA programs have 2 to 4 application periods during the year.