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Dates & Fees

The Pre-Master’s Preparation consists of 16 weeks; Summer Session is 6 weeks long and Fall Quarter is 10 weeks long. After completion of the Pre-Master’s Preparation, you will have an option to enroll in an extra quarter (10 weeks), in Winter quarter.

Pre-Master’s Preparation Deadlines & Fees

The Pre-Master’s Preparation Program is currently under review. If you are interested in high-level academic English and preparing for graduate school in the U.S., please consider the UCLA Extension Academic Intensive English Program (AIEP). The AIEP includes expertise in high-level academic English, TOEFL/IELTS preparation, and helping students apply to graduate programs in the U.S.

For more information please visit our website at http://international.uclaextension.edu/alc/


Additional Costs:

  • Housing: Housing is not included in Pre-Master’s Preparation Program Fees. Check the housing list for more information.
  • Materials Fee: In the Fall Quarter, you may be able to enroll in a UCLA Extension course with your Pre-Master’s Preparation courses. The basic tuition is included in the program fee above, but some courses have a separate materials fee that is not included in the program fee. If your course has such a fee, you will have to pay it directly to UCLA Extension.
  • University Application Fees: Applying to graduate schools requires payment of an application fee to each school you choose. This typically costs $65 to $100 per application. Most students apply to 4-7 graduate programs. University application fees are not included in your Pre-Master’s Preparation Program fees, but rather are paid directly to the universities when you apply.
  • Textbooks: Textbooks in the U.S. can be expensive to buy. It may be possible to rent some textbooks at a cheaper rate, but some books cannot be rented. Please budget about $200 per session/quarter for your textbooks and supplies. UCLA Extension Pre-Master’s Preparation does everything possible to keep textbook costs down for its students.

Student Services Fee includes:

  • Injury and Sickness Insurance: Pre-Master’s Preparation medical insurance allows students to visit a hospital or clinic if medical attention is needed due to an injury or sickness. (Please note: Insurance prices are subject to periodic increases, and permanent residents of the United States will not be eligible for this insurance.)
  • Language/Computer Lab: Up to 4 hours per week of after-school access to state-of-art language practice, UCLA research databases, email, and Internet is provided.
  • Housing Details: Pre-Master’s Preparation provides information about finding a place to live. Also, UCLA Community Housing Office (CHO) provides free information on short- and long-term housing, rental locations, rental agreements, and more. (Please note: UCLA on-campus/dormitory housing is available in the summer only.)
  • UCLA Recreation Facilities: Your student ID card provides access to many of UCLA’s outstanding sports and recreational facilities.
  • Express Mail: Application and program materials are sent via DHL express mail.
  • Certificate of Completion: An attractive certificate is presented to participants upon completion of the program.